"American Classics" 2017

60" x 48" Oil on Canvas

Exhibited in solo show at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum

$5,000 USD

"Quicksilver Victories"

30"x22" watercolor

Exhibited in the Watercolor USA national watercolor exhibition, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield MO

$2,500 USD

                                   "Talismans #3"

                                   Watercolor 15"x22"

                                   $1,200 USD



                                    "Sacred Things"

                                    Oil on Canvas 30"x40"

                                    Exhibited at the Jacksonville

                                    Museum of Contemporary Art

                                    solo exhibition

                                    $3,200 USD

"Venus Comb Shells" series

Watercolor 30"x22"

Exhibited in the American Watercolor Society's National exhibition in New York City

$3,500 USD

Art by Leigh Murphy